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The ePlan portal facilitates the electronic submittal of PDF documents for both Building and Discretionary permit applications.

Over 8,450 Building permits have been issued for projects using ePlan. Effective 11/1/2020 for Building permit applications:
ePlan processing is required for all new Building permit applications.
Owners and applicants can access Building plan review corrections and application status online at the Application Status website.

Notice About Construction Change Documents (Change Orders) Starting January 2023, change orders will be strictly limited
to changes that are within the original scope of work. Work that exceeds the original scope of work shall be applied for as a new permit.

Project Information and Threshold Determination Form: Starting January 1, 2023, all permit applications proposing increased and/or replaced impervious (e.g., structures, driveways, patios, etc.)
and/or semi-impervious (e.g., gravel, base rock, porous pavement, etc.) surfaces shall submit Appendix A, Project Information and Threshold Determination Form.

For SB9 Housing Development and SB9 Land Division submittal and processing instructions, please click here.

For Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS), please click here.